Mission U. S. A.

A Public Health Research organization with a whole division devoted to Youth Evangelism? A better fit than one might think from the onset. We believe that there is a connection between wellness and hope. We believe that hope is a natural outcome of faith. Numerous recent studies have shown a direct link between faith and wellness. As we share our faith, we believe that we inspire hope and in turn, effect a lifestyle of wellness.

That’s why we created MUSA, or Mission U. S. A., a ten-week youth evangelism training project that trains and mobilizes the creative energies of young people to help renew the spark of hope in countless lives around the nation. MUSA focuses on three primary areas of evangelism.

  • Public Evangelism (Mission: Hope!) - Sharing the timeless truths of the Bible thru personal Bible studies and the public preaching of the Word
  • Health Evangelism (Mission: LifeFest!) - Sharing with the community healthy lifestyles that give reasons to celebrate life
  • Child Evangelism (Mission: 3dKiDs!) - Children’s Ministry thru day camps, tutoring, and other fun activities that challenge children to Discover, dares them to Dream, and equips them to Do amazing things that can make this world a better place, while preparing them for the world to come

Oh... and the “What if...?” up top? Well... that’s just a question we like to ask.

Mission: Hope!
Countless millions in the world and even in this nation live every day expecting nothing more than more of the same of yesterday. Despair, distress, dissatisfaction, disease, disappointment all cloud their existence. Mission: Hope! is our effort to point them to the One who we believe can light the fire of hope and place it back into their eyes. Jesus Christ is that One. We are sure, we are bold, and we are confident that He can do it, because He has done it for us.

Mission: Hope! is the part of Mission U. S. A. that trains young people how to bring Hope into the lives of millions who have either lost it, or never really had it to begin with. Through Mission: Hope! young people are taught how to Mingle with people, Minister to their needs, and then how to invite them to Follow Jesus.

Mission: LifeFest!
At the AHYF we believe that life is a wonderful gift and that it has been given to us to enjoy and share with the ones we love. When our environment around us is polluted and hurting, when we are sick, or broken hearted, or just plain broke, it can become quite a challenge to enjoy the gift of life in its fullness.

It’s our mission to help people and communities reclaim the joy of living by helping find ways to clean up the environment, and develop healthy lifestyles and families.

That’s why we created LifeFest!
We want to help bring the joy of living back into the lives of hurting people all over the world. All it takes is a few discoveries, some creative dreaming, and some determined doing to experience the joy of LifeFest, the festival of life!

Mission: 3D Kids!
Mission: 3dKiDs! is our fun and exciting outreach ministry to children in the community during a MUSA campaign. It has several components that make it a unique and comprehensive approach to evangelistic children’s ministry.

Launch! The very first MUSA Youth Evangelism Summit kicks off in 2012 and you don’t want to miss it. This revolutionary call to evangelism is accompanied by a revolutionary approach to evangelism that is amazingly simple, Biblical, and just makes sense. The MUSA Youth Evangelism Summit will be held on Georgia’s beautiful St. Simons Island, and is really an event for all who have a burden for evangelism, young and old alike.

MUSA Pilot A: Tampa, FL

The first MUSA Project begins May 27 thru August 8, 2012 in the heart of beautiful Tampa, FL. There are only 32 spots for this initial project. Contact us for more info and to find out how you can participate and check back here often.

MUSA: 12 Cities, USA

1400 young people
14 Cities

MUSA Pilot B: Tampa, FL

The 2013 MUSA Project will be held in Tampa, FL, May 26, thru August 7, 2013. Contact us for more info and to find out how you can participate and check back here often.